February 2009

Heath Ledger-We will rock you

26. february 2009 at 20:18 ♥Heath Ledger♥

Dnes som behala po Youtube,a nasla som toto video.Tak som ho sem dala,myslím ze je v pohode...

CONVERSE kusofka

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21. february 2009 at 19:09 Bob Sinclar

oCH co by som dala zato tam byt:(Proste milujem Boba Sinclera.....a on proste u mna musi byt:)


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EMO BOY-Chris Chaos

19. february 2009 at 20:31 Emo


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17. february 2009 at 19:59 Emo
....je to dlha cesta tak vysoko od zeme
posielam anjela ktory mi prinasa tvoje srdce
chlapce,odkial si prisiel?
Mas ma taku aku by si mohol mat.
Pozri do mojich oci mam tam napisane
aky nadherny si...

KYLE XY-a jeho pupok

17. february 2009 at 19:07


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9. february 2009 at 21:34 Videos
Find me here
Speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That is leading me
To the place where
I find peace again
You are the strength
That keeps me walking
You are the hope
That keeps me trusting
You are the life to my soul
You are my purpose
You are everything
And how can I
Stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me
How could it be
Any better than this
You calm the storms
You give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won't let me fall
You still my heart
And you take my breath away
Would you take me in
Would you take me deeper now
'Cause you're all I want
You are all I need
You are everything


9. february 2009 at 18:38 Sk8/BmX